Saturday, December 18, 2010

Module 5 - Ready made content

Wow, there is so much stuff out there. I think I am like many people in that I find a few places to research, a reliable place to go to find something, and then I stop looking into the "wild". This module forced my eyes out, and helped me to cast a broad net, resulting in feeling a little overwhelmed, knowing that I could never possibly drag my catch into the boat, as there is just too much to look at it.

One simple library, the Khan academy (, has so much material that I can use as mini lessons. It was a great breakthrough for me to realize that if I could find 3 minutes of content, that I could put it to good use (even in a traditional class), and then augment with other material. The analogy I would use is that of sewing a quilt .. each square has its story to contribute to the whole.

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