Saturday, December 18, 2010

Module 4 - Synchronous communication

My regret from this module is that I missed the Adobe Connect, so I will have to try it out on my own at some point. The great surprise for me in this module was how powerful the Second Life demonstration was ( ).

I don't know that we really discussed this in detail, but I found that there was a very powerful personal dynamic that kicked in, knowing that my avatar was there, and that it was interacting with others. There are the emotions of social interaction that immediately kick in .. am I being appropriate, do I look like a klutz as I try to figure out the key strokes, what are the expected behaviours? I felt like a kid on his first day in public school. The feeling was not negative, as there were lots of interesting things going on, and I experienced successes in moving and interacting.

What stayed with me, though, is the power of the interaction. I have long believed that we remember best that which is associated with intense emotion, so the opportunity for amazing learning experiences is right in front of us. I enjoyed the tours, and my mind is still searching for other ways that I can use this powerful technology for my students benefit.

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