Sunday, October 24, 2010

Getting started with online teaching

This blog is intended to document my journey from being a classroom professor (called f2f in my new world) to someone who is savvy and knowledgeable about online education. There are lots of things to learn about, and I will be taking a few snapshots here along the way.

My background is in Computer Science, and I have spent most of my life in software development, project management and consulting. I am accustomed to being the one person in the room who can solve a particular problem with technology, and over the years have developed some fantastic problem solving skills. I now teach at the Lawrence Kinlin School of Business at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario, Canada.

I had, however, lost the magic. I have learned so many systems and languages and packages and approaches over the years that now, I do what I have to do rather efficiently, but not in a joyful way. Then I signed up to take the Master Online Teaching program at the ION Institute (Illinois Online Institute) associated with the University of Illinois.

In the first week, I realized how I could simply choose to have some fun with this course, and dive headfirst into a bunch of new technology. Now, I am rediscovering my joy, learning some new things and preparing to help my students to new levels of success. I feel good about this decision, and I feel good about the new direction.


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